International Piano Competition Françis Poulenc
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The Competition's Director Speach :
In 2013 the music world is involved in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Francis Poulenc’s death.

Judiciously we have postponed the 8th Competition’s date from 2012 to 2013 to take the opportunity to associate to the numerous music events the young pianists’ homage to the famous French composer.

With the international Jury presided by Gabriel Tacchino who was both a Francis Poulenc’s friend and his preferred performer listen to the candidates coming from all around the world to present their own music conception through their personality before criticizing them.

Many thanks to the Brive and Tulle Town Councils for their help: without it we couldn’t exist.
Professor at Ecole Normale
de Musique de Paris
Francis Poulenc Competition's Director
The Chairman of the organization's Comity :
As usually we will plan all the best to welcome the prestigious jury’s members and the talented candidates as well as it is in the major international competitions.

The international economic conjecture makes the organization of such events difficult because of the big budgets and the difficulties to rise founds. But we set our heart on reaching our target: to make of the 8th Competition an high level edition permitting both the carrier’s promotion of young gifted pianists and the reminder of Francis Poulenc’s attachment for the Limousin area.
Organization's Comity President
Poulenc' Spirit :
Dear Mr. Lagarde,

I thank and congratulate Jacques Lagarde to highlight the Art of our dear Francis Poulenc by organizing the International Piano Competition in Brive-la-Gailarde in Limousin.
Francis Poulenc is a whole musician with big personality, rigor, sensuality and humor and his music is always extremely contrasted.
All along my carrier I have enjoyed conducting all his symphonic and lyric production; he was a nice man but his musical desires were very precise: for instance he was specially very attentive to the length and the atmosphere of the silences. I keep an unforgettable memory of F. Poulenc and he is always on my side one I’m performing his works.

to Jacques Lagarde, Competition's Director.
Georges PRÊTRE
International orchestra conductor
President of Francis Poulenc's
friends Comity

What was the real face of my Master Francis Poulenc, the monk’s one or the buglers’ one ? The composer of the « Teats », the «Masked Ball », the « Dialogs » or the “Human Voice” was a facetious, stressed, tender and melancholic man.
He stays the most « French » among the French musicians in the XXe century, an unclass and deep thinking musician who had a passion for Italia.
When I was working with him his own works or these from the pianistic repertory he always insisted on the importance of “making” first music and singing the melodic lines like “bel-canto”.
I would like to transmit this message to all the candidates to the 8th Francis Poulenc International Competition: make music and let us be happy to listen to you.
Concert Pianist
President of the 6th and 7th
Francis Poulenc International
Competition Editions

The way of pianistic writing by Francis Poulenc has taken place in the French music’s tradition and is the natural prolongation of Fauré, Debussy, Ravel.
But we find also a very original sense of the verticality: out of a light appearance springs always an harmonic invention which make this music inimitable.
The F. Poulenc International Piano Competition has the merit to ax the competition around the music and moreover the spirit of this great Master.
I enjoy meeting its Director Jacques Lagarde and all the staff for listening to young selected pianists who will be able both to improve their knowledge about the F. Poulenc work and to marvel at the beautiful Limousin landscapes.
Institute's Member
President of the 5th
Francis Poulenc International
Competition Edition

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